Should YOU Do SEO?

We’re picking back up again with Honest SEO Basics, brought to you by Social Edge and the Get Listed Program. This week, I explain if and why doing SEO is the right move for you.

Hi I’m Vi Wickam, and this is Honest SEO Basics, brought to you by the Get Listed Program and Social Edge.

Why should you do SEO?

Well that’s a very question- maybe you shouldn’t! Not everybody should do SEO.

If you’re field is completely non-competitive and you’re a local business, and you have nobody else offering that service in that town, or in your field of offering- maybe you don’t need to do SEO.

Maybe you’re already showing up anytime somebody is searching for something related to that topic. Because you’re just that exclusive- it’s possible!

What SEO is really good at is generating money in the long run.

So when I say “in the long run”- what I mean is you’re going to put in a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of effort.

Or you’re going to spend a lot money, which equates to somebody else spending a lot of time and effort to be successful at SEO.

SEO is a tortoise game, not a hair game.

SEO is something where you put in the effort today, you put in the effort tomorrow, you put in the effort the next day… And little by little, incrementally, you will create more traffic coming to your website.

Or more leads coming into your business- if you did this in a strategic and smart way!

So, the idea of search engine optimization, the idea of SEO, is to take that traffic and build it over time by creating useful content on your website.

One of the best ways to do this is by answering the questions that your customers ask you every day. Which is exactly what I’m doing here right now!

I’m answering the questions when people ask me when people call me. So I’m giving you these answers in advanced- so you don’t even have to talk to me if you don’t want me to get that knowledge that I give to my customers.

The value of SEO is that you’re answering the customers questions in such a way that when they look for the answer, they find you. So you can connect with your customers very quickly and efficiently.

And that’s what SEO is really good at.

So, if you want to help your customers find you, and you want to answer the questions that they have from you, so that they trust you and respect you and want to do business with you, then do SEO and SEO well!

Optimize your website by answering the questions your customers are asking.

I will see you soon! You have a wonderful week! Thank you!

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