Video Cashflow Testimonial – Horsham, Sussex – Video SEO

Video Cashflow Testimonial – Horsham, Sussex – Video SEO

How To Increase Views And Subscribers On YouTube

Do you have a video that’s not getting the views and subscribers you were expecting?

And you can’t see it on the YouTube and Google search engines?

Visit or call Jeff on 07932 161946 or email: for help.

To get prospects to buy via your website, your website must be structured to convert those prospects into buyers.

To get prospects to your website in the first place you need to offer them something in return for their email address that is of value tro them.

To find those prospects on YouTube so you can direct them to your website your videos have to be ranked on page 1 for your main keywords.

And if you don’t know what keywords are or you’re at a loss as to how video and YouTube SEO works, then you’re stuck – and your videos are going to flounder in the murky depths of the YouTube and Google search engines – and not show up on page 1.

That’s why it is so important to get someone who knows what it takes to get hungry visitors to your website, as Paul Harper-Smith of Lock Assist, Haywards Heath, Sussex explains:-

“….Hi, I’m Paul from Lock Assist and I run a team of locksmiths from our showroom and stores in Haywards Heath.

We cover pretty much a 20 mile radius around Haywards Heath and mid-Sussex, so if you need a locksmith call Lock Assist.

If you need someone to sort out your videos give Jeff Laming a call.

That’s what we did – we met him recently at a networking event and we got chatting about did we do anything on YouTube and things that he said and asked us.

We said we did a bit.

He came along, we set up a meeting and had a look.

He gave us some very, very good interesting hints and tips and some guidance of what we should be doing that we weren’t doing at all that was going to increase our views and also increase our subscriptions to the channel that we have.

And what he did is take a pretty much mediocre video – tweaked it – that’s all he did really.

I say, that’s all he did – he’s a master – and we’re now on nearly 130
thousand views on a video that we did on the exciting subject of how to adjust an overhead door closer.

I know “riveting” I hear you say, “riveting!”.

But if you need someone to sort out your locks give us a call; if you need someone to make your videos work so you don’t have to the guy to call is Jeff Laming at Video Cashflow…..”

Here’s the YouTube url link for the video that Paul refers to “…nearly 130 thousand views….”:


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Video Cashflow Testimonial – Horsham, Sussex – Video SEO

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